Why do obedience training?     If you are not training your dog . . . your dog is training YOU!

K-9 Training & Behavioral Therapy specializes in working with your dog’s individual breed characteristics, natural behaviors and drives, using positive reinforcement and other motivational training methods.   Getting your dog to focus, pay attention to you and exhibit good manners are addressed during the training sessions.

All training methods used are reward-based (e.g., shaping, luring, clicker training)

• BASIC Obedience Training at Home

   Teach your dog to perceive all family members as “leaders.”

   12 cues/commands; 4 one-hour sessions, once a week:  $340*

• MASTER Obedience Training at Home

Excellent for all dogs who enjoy learning and for anyone that would like their dog to pass the AKC’s Canine Good Citizenship (CGC) test or S.T.A.R. puppy program.

24 cues/commands; 7 one-hour sessions, once a week:  $595*

   ADVANCED Obedience Training at Home

• AKC Canine Good Citizenship  (CGC) Training/Evaluation

There are many advantages to having your dog pass the AKC’s CGC test.   Many clients are able to negotiate a lower home insurance premium with their insurance carrier.  For those individuals interested in doing therapy visits to institutions like hospitals, nursing homes, and convalescent homes, working toward a CGC designation with your dog is a great way to start.   If this is your goal, be sure to check with the institution to find out what their specific therapy dog requirements are. Some may have additional or other requirements.


* Obedience training services limited to the Philadelphia area (8 mile radius).   Hours by appointment.