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B. Newman & Jackie
B. Newman & Jackie – Center City
Thank you so much for your patient support in training me to train my sweet Jackie. As the pressure mounted from my family to get rid of my fear-aggressive dog, you gave me the support and tools necessary to manage and improve Jackie’s behavior. With love, patience, commitment and proper training, even the unruliest of dogs can improve significantly. Today, my family doesn’t tell me anymore to get rid of him.
S. Miller & Otis
S. Miller & Otis – Center City
We have not had any biting since you worked with us, and we have been able to use your suggestions as people arrive. All in all we’re very happy with the progress. We knew it would be more about training US than HIM, and at least now we are being consistent, and we are clear on what we should be doing. Thanks so much for all your information!
A. Matello & Ben
A. Matello & Ben – South Philadelphia
He’s far from perfect but I think, at least, that he is making some progress with respect to how he reacts to other dogs on the street (when he’s in the house and spots a dog on the street while he’s looking out the window – well, that’s another story!) ..I will look no further for a great dog trainer in Philadelphia. Thanks so much for your help with Ben. He’s my buddy.
K.Graettinger and Cylar
K.Graettinger and Cylar – Fishtown
Things are going well. There hasn’t been one single aggressive incident with any person or animal since we met. Thanks so much for your help … your visit gave me peace of mind that just because something bad happened that as long as I worked on it I can try prevent anything else from happening in the future.  Here are some pictures from this weekend:  Cylar with his vest outside the coffee shop working on ‘stay’ with Lazer.
Debbe Kaufman & Jackie
Debbe Kaufman & Jackie – Bensalem PA
I just wanted to thank you for all of your help. Austin sleeps at night now and is not restless and pacing all day long. He listens to commands beautifully – when we are out for a walk and see another dog he barks and then sits, looks at me and waits until the other dog is far enough away for us to continue. He almost never requires to be told more that once to get down, stop. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR EXPERTISE.
G. Macaluso – Langhorne
I just wanted to tell you how pleased we were with our meeting [behavioral consultation for aggression] this morning. We would like you to come back to our house for follow up and obedience training. We really loved meeting you and learning about our pup!”
D. Wells – South Philadelphia
Astro is going great! The food aggression is pretty much gone. He now wags his tail and gets excited when I go near his food dish. He is also doing really well with his obedience training. He doesn’t bark and misbehave for attention anymore either.”
M.Bordic – King of Prussia
Last night our friend came to our house. Rocky didn’t bark at Mike at all. And he didn’t try to bite him … I just wanted to thank you for the great suggestion!!! Thanks again for your help! You are a lifesaver!!!”
A. Cohen – Queen Village
For many situations that we would consider high risk for Annie’s aggressive behavior, your conditioning has been quite successful and I am much more comfortable taking Annie for a walk. You and your recommendations have really helped, and we thank you. I know that my feelings for Annie are deeper and I believe that she feels this stronger, real connection.”
D. & B. Hennefer – Cherry Hill
Just wanted to say thank you for all of your help and insights into our dog, Layla. She’s been doing really well!!. We started doing some things differently, and she’s really responding well to the cues, usually about 75% of the time, so it’s a work in progress. We’ve tried to give her ways to fee more secure around new things, and it seems to be working. Whenever we come upon a person or a dog, she relaxes and doesn’t bark or lunge about 90% of the time. . Thanks so much for all of your help.”


D.F. – Society Hill
Both of my dogs are are doing very well. They seem to be adjusting to my new work schedule. When they know it is time for me to come home, they wait for me in the upstairs window … They are both doing well on their walks … no barking at horses or getting upset with other dogs … thank goodness!”
S.Cox – South Philadelphia
Shenzi is coming along great. We still have some work to do but what I’m seeing so far is a good thing. She even lays down now instead of pacing all of the time. Thanks so much for your help.
B. Walte
B. Walte – Port Richmond
I tell you, you are a god send. I really have been beside myself trying to figure this out. After this last time when he did his business on the carpet the day I was leaving, I realized that he is only behaving like this when I go away. You weren’t kidding when you said he’s a sensitive dog. He also seems to be listening more now. Before when I would tell him to go lay down, he really wouldn’t listen. He would walk in a circle and then come right back to me and I had to tell him again. However, now, he goes right to his chair….thank you again for advising me. I am super grateful”


Sarah + Jenn (and Rudy, of course)
Sarah + Jenn (and Rudy, of course) – Bainbridge St, Phila
We just wanted to send holiday greetings and thank you for the foundation that has made our Rudy such a fantastic dog. She is six now and still remembers all of her puppy commands. Wishing you the best this holiday season and sending our sincere thanks.”
D. Duys – Queen Village
…we really appreciate your approach. The written material you gave us was very interesting. I now pay attention much more to what Caleb is trying to tell us. Thanks for helping and if we run into any more difficulties that we can’t seem to solve, we’ll be sure to call!”
M. Sasso
M. Sasso – Center City
Thank you so much for all of your help. The results have far exceeded my expectations. I’ll be recommending you to frustrated dog owners every chance I get”
D. Van Ess – South Philadelphia
My sons learned so much from the training sessions. It has really helped them to bond better with their dogs”
K.Russell – Manyunk
Thanks for all of your help with Buster and his leash training. You were excellent and we learned a lot.”
J.L. – South Philadelphia
I saw that you were voted “Best Therapist to Your Best Friend” according to the City Paper. Congrats! Max is doing better. His old habits are dying — slowly but surely. I’ve enclosed a picture of him in his Halloween costume”
E. Beichel
E. Beichel – St. Kitts (formerly of Queen Village)
Thanks again for all of your help with Petey [deaf dog]. Your services were truly invaluable to me and Petey both. Your methods are truly innovative. I have attached one of the last photos I took of Petey before he went to his new home! What you taught me will go very far here in St. Kitts! Keep up the great work.”
Rebecca Lee
Rebecca Lee – Northern Liberties
We are doing great! Your training visits with Bella and me were life changing, not kidding!”
E. Zeller – South Philadelphia
Thanks so much for working with us! Already the jumping has decreased by a good 70%, and I treated a patient today with nary a whimper from the kitchen”
J. Mckemey – Queen Village
Just a short note to say ‘Thank you from the bottom of my heart.’ The change in Joxer is very noticeable! Some of our walks could be better, but it is no longer people that he barks at or tries to lunge at.”
Dierdre May – Philadelphia
Happy (aggressive towards humans) is definitely improving. I am using a gated play area for him now (a big help). All of your recommendations have been great. Your socializing techniques have worked very well, too. I’ve learned a lot about him. Thanks so much for all your information and insight. Extremely helpful.”
C. Citron – Philadelphia Art Museum Area
We were very happy with the progress. Dazee really seems to be listening better, though we still have a lot of work to do. It’s such a pleasure to have a more obedient pet! Thanks again for all of your helpful tips.”
L. Marcella – South Philadelphia
Chomper has improved. He is a little calmer now when people he doesn’t know come into my house. He still likes to bark a lot. I would say you really helped him!”

Puppy Head-Start

Elaine Waddell – North Philadelphia
We got so much more out of this consultation than we ever imaged. We highly recommend it to anyone who adopts a very young puppy.”
C. Harris – New Jersey
I am very pleased with the results of our training and Hunter’s. ….Again I am indebted to you. Thank you for helping me see him as a puppy.”
H. Katz – Queen Village
Molly is doing so well! Her leash agression has decreased significantly. …Overall, she has calmed down so much and has really grown into a wonderful dog with a good temperament.”


L. Schaffer – Philadelphia Art Museum Area
We have made some very good progress with Kona’s behavior. We were successful at housebreaking a few weeks after your consultation. Kona is much better at walking without pulling on the leash and his aggressive behavior is minimal. Of course there are days that he/we regress to our old ways. That is when I bring out your consultation information and reread it.”
Cheshire, Davis & Jim – Fishtown
Just a quick note to let you know Davis is doing very well. She was great on tour this time. No accidents. Even better than a dog you love is a trustworthy dog you love. Thanks, you were a marvelous help.”


S. Martin
S. Martin – Haddonfield
Your visit was astoundingly successful, thanks to your information and guidance. Noodles grew to be much less fearful of Katie and they were even able to be friends outside of the house. I’m attaching pictures as proof. You are a spectacular canine therapist and we are deeply in your debt.”
J.Graham – Port Richmond
Thank you for all of the great tips. In just the short amount of time since your visit, I’ve already seen a completely good change in Minnie. Last night, I was sitting on the steps and the cat came down. Instead of chasing her, Minnie looked at me…she didn’t even budge when the cat went flying up the steps. If we didn’t have your tools, the incident last night would have been a nightmare.”

…6 months later… Thanks for checking in on us! I’m happy to say that Minnie is no longer urinating in the house. As for her obsession with Stas, we have our good and bad days. The cat has taken a lot more interest in playing with Minnie, but neglects to let her know when he wants to stop. :). She knows when she is misbehaving though, because she will go right to the back door when I verbally correct her. She has gotten pretty laid back during the day. There are some days when she is harder to redirect, but they’re not nearly as frequent. She has definitely become a sweet loving dog that just wants to be loved! Again, thank you for your help. We truly appreciate it!

Nose Work

B.Covey & Champ
B.Covey & Champ – Center City
I can’t say enough about this great sport. I had never heard of it until moving to the Queen Village neighborhood here in Philadelphia. It is a perfect sport for me because of my busy schedule. Champ gets excited every time he knows we are going to search for odor. Thanks for making the class fun and entertaining.