Housetraining and other puppy behavior issues such as mouthing, jumping, chewing, and pulling on leash should be addressed as soon as possible.   It is best to get this help before undesirable behavior starts or soon after it starts.

The puppy Head-Start in-home consultation covers a wide variety of training and behavior topics that include current behavior issues that you are experiencing as well as those that typically surface later.  It also includes basic puppy training skills (sit, auto-look, and beginner heeling (walking nicely next to you on leash).

This is great for puppies as young as 7-8  weeks of age as well as for rescued dogs up to 6 months old.  

A major benefit of a puppy training / behavior consultation is that you don’t have to wait until your puppy is a certain age to schedule this.    The in-home consultation focuses on what to do now to prevent bad habits from becoming routine behavior later (pulls on leash, nips, house accidents, etc.) and includes written material and a discussion on do’s/don’ts, training tools, how to handle undesirable behavior, how to teach good attention skills, socialization, appropriate interaction between two family dogs (if applicable), etc.   There will be lots to practice afterwards.

You can schedule this as soon as you like; there is no minimum age.   The cost of this two hour in-home session is $200 if you live in the immediate Center City Philadelphia area.  For those outside of this area, there is an additional charge for travel time and cost.

The Head-Start consultation can then be followed by basic obedience training or Canine Good Citizen training sessions.


Puppy Training

Puppy Training